A blog to share news, events and happenings for adults 55+ who live and play in the beautiful Lynn Valley area of North Vancouver BC

LVSA has, since 1999, provided recreational and social programs and events to seniors in our community. We are proud of our members who participate in a wide variety of programs. Many also volunteer in many ways to help keep everything on track.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Brit night

Last night was our sold-out evening of fish'n'chips, beer and song.

Bob York and the New Yorkers dressed for the occasion. 

Our bar-tender did, too. 

Finally, the chippie delivered and we all opened our newspaper packages to some delicious halibut and chips.

We talked...


and talked some more.

Everyone was ready for the trifle which topped off the meal.

Maybe some more beer?  Some more music?  Bob had that keyboard rockin'!

A fun night!  And it was the people that made it: diners, volunteers and musicians.  We'll do it again!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

LVSA Walking Club

"...where never is heard a discouraging word; and the skies are not cloudy all day." 

These words from "Home on the Range" are exactly what the LVSA Walking Club is all about. As volunteer leader Del  says:  "we have a great time walking, talking and laughing together". 

Getting exercise in the fresh air with  friends is " very therapeutic for all of us"  no matter what the level of ability.

Everyone starts out together and soon the various levels sort themselves out. 

There are those who have to sit awhile  but they soon catch up with the rest. 

There's always something interesting to see.  This day took the walkers down to the waterfront along a new trail.  The view is wonderful!

The group heads out on forest trails or city sidewalks every Wednesday morning.  They always come back to Mollie Nye House to share coffee and goodies which they deserve after a morning's walk.  On the last Wednesday of each month, the group finds a place to have lunch before heading back. 

This was the end of the waterfront trail which led them to Lonsdale Quay  (about a 6 mile walk) where you can eat almost anything you can imagine.  Those soups look tasty!

Del  makes sure that everyone has a great experience.  She inspires a positive attitude  in what she thinks of as 'her' group.  There's always room for one more walker...maybe it's you?