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LVSA has, since 1999, provided recreational and social programs and events to seniors in our community. We are proud of our members who participate in a wide variety of programs. Many also volunteer in many ways to help keep everything on track.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Park cleanup

On April 16th, Lynn Valley Community Association and Lynn Valley Seniors Association sponsored a cleanup of Pioneer Park.  About 25 volunteers from high school helpers to retired recreational gardeners came to volunteer whatever they could contribute. 

This is done with the expert help of the District Parks Department who showed us exactly what we were pulling out.  Our job was to eliminate the horse chestnut seedlings.  There were hundreds springing up from the dropped conkers of last fall. 

We also helped to cut down sycamore maples and holly which have made themselves very much at home here.  They grow wild everywhere.  The European blackberry was also pulled up.  Good thing we all had heavy gloves on!

On Monday morning, there will be some huge piles of branches and chopped greens to haul away.  A successful day.

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