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LVSA has, since 1999, provided recreational and social programs and events to seniors in our community. We are proud of our members who participate in a wide variety of programs. Many also volunteer in many ways to help keep everything on track.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rice Lake

Walking is good exercise.  And it feels so good to walk when the air is fresh and clean after the rain. 

Yesterday, we visited Rice Lake.  This is an easy walk along a smooth path.  We can always see the lake even if it's through the trees. 

There is such a variety of things to see.  Families fishing for their dinner on a sunny afternoon could inspire bringing a rod next time we come.

The slugs are out in full force after a heavy rainfall.  A spotted banana slug seems to enjoy a dropped piece of popcorn.

Right now, the Himalayan jewel weed is blooming.  Such a delicate flower but a very tough plant.  It also has the most fascinating pop-it seed pods.  When ripe, they just explode to scatter seed everywhere. 

Why not take a walk on the wild side as the days become cooler and more walkable?