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LVSA has, since 1999, provided recreational and social programs and events to seniors in our community. We are proud of our members who participate in a wide variety of programs. Many also volunteer in many ways to help keep everything on track.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yesterday's Lunch

LVSA  has been presenting  a Hearty Lunch on a semi-regular basis.  It might be soup and bun, chili or sandwiches.  And there's usually a dessert.  Beginning in January, this will be a regular happening on every third Monday.  All you have to do is buy a ticket and show up.  The price is $5 for members and non-members.  This sounds like the perfect opportunity to bring a friend along.

Yesterday's offering was lasagna - two kinds!  A delicious vegetable and a traditional meat recipe.  Mmmm...yum!  My job was to get a photo of this lunchtime dish but I was sidetracked.  All that was left when I finally found my camera was some salad. We had good reviews on this, too.

Before, during and after the meal, everyone had an opportunity to participate in a trivia quiz.  And win prizes.  This time we learned a lot about Italy   You'll know who was there - they'll be dropping little facts about Italy into their conversations.

The next Hearty Lunch this fall is on November 16.  Be sure and mark your calendar.

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